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Danette Brown

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CEO Story

Danette Brown is a two-time bestselling author, and CEO who is armed with resilience, integrity, and resolutions to slay the seemingly impossible which is her superpower. She is a Bellevue University graduate, who earned a Master of Science in Organization Performance and a Bachelor of Science in Business, a certificate in Aerospace Project Management from Caltech, and a certificate in Women Entrepreneurship from Cornell University. She is the CEO of Positive Vibe Only Products and Calabey Enterprise Project Management Professional Services. Positive Vibes Only Products were created during the pandemic. To add positive light in the world and connect people together through the mail with Cards, Home Decor and Journals. Letting people know they were not forgotten, but were Thought of, Loved, Valued and Appreciated.  She resides in California with her family. While enjoying her best life as she inspires others to live theirs.


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My Books

Hi! I just read your chapter in your book! Wow! You really spoke to me! I loved every word. As a parent who has been through some trials, I can really relate to your story. God is good!! It's a blessing that you are able to share your story with so many readers. 

Love you!

TaShanna LaBorde 

Souled Out Volume 2 

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